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Single women Kiev, Ukraine

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Elena from Ukraine 32 y.o.
Age: 32 y/o | Job: Teacher/Professor
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Iryna from Ukraine 29 y.o.
I can define myself as an attractive young Ukrainian girl with an open heart, tender soul and optimistic view on life. I definitely know what I want from life. I like to enjoy life. I like evening walks around the city, traveling. I am ready for serious relationships!

Age: 29 y/o
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Sveta from Ukraine 31 y.o.
Age: 31 y/o | Job: Psychologist
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Olenka from Ukraine 32 y.o.
I am intelligent, witty and cultured Ukrainian woman, I believe in harmony and truth and realize behind every good man stands a great woman. Beauty comes from within and radiates outward for all to see. I enjoy creative activities, embrace new experiences, am loyal, honest, romantic, affectionate, passionate and so very naughty with shameful desire…

Age: 32 y/o | Job: Office Manager
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Masha from Ukraine 28 y.o.
My heart is open and free for you! I want adventures that means interesting, sincere and open relationships with my future partner. I am not a spoiled princess who needs gold and prince to be with. I just want to wake up and go to bed with the man I will love.

Age: 28 y/o | Job: Hairdresser
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Vika from Ukraine 30 y.o.
I am very passionate Ukrainian woman. I think woman should know how to love her man and have brain at the same time! I know already how to love but I need to prove it to my future man who will show me his real care! I consider myself to be romantic, honest, loyal, caring and with a very big heart full of love for the right person.

Age: 30 y/o
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Marina from Ukraine 32 y.o.
Age: 32 y/o | Job: Travel Agent
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Irina from Ukraine 31 y.o.
I am intelligent and creative Ukrainian woman, kind, romantic and affectionate, hard working and intense, with nice sense of humor and playful. When I fall in love, its like diving into the warm water of the ocean for the first time, never wanting to get out.

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Communications
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Olga from Ukraine 31 y.o.
Age: 31 y/o
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Tate from Ukraine 31 y.o.
I am beautiful Ukrainian woman, I am more beautiful inside, I am a woman who simply wants Love, respect, faithfulness,togetherness, and if you give me all this, I will in turn give you all this back. I am an easy going woman, I always look for ways to help and be kind to my man.

Age: 31 y/o
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Marina from Ukraine 31 y.o.
I am calm and easy going Ukrainian girl. I am told I have a good sense of humor. I have simple goal here, meet a nice guy, fall in love, get married and start a family. One thing I will never do is betray him. It happened to me and it is not a nice feeling.

Age: 31 y/o
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Alinka from Ukraine 32 y.o.
I like being loved, and enjoy a hug, and a kiss. I am strong minded and independent Ukrainian woman. I dress well with grace and elegance. I enjoy life, I like to smile, to talk warmly. I am sincere and considerate.

Age: 32 y/o
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Viktoriya from Ukraine 31 y.o.
I’m kind and positive Ukrainian woman. I like children laugh and flowers. I can say that I’m romantic and see beauty in every little thing. I’ll devote myself to relationships and family. I would definitely describe myself as a very communicative, easy-going, and pretty with a good sense of humor!

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Student
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Margarita from Ukraine 31 y.o.
In my life all is in harmony and love. I have no time to be boring, have lots of friends and nice work, my parents are the best in whole world. But I feel that I need someone with whom I can be myself and happy, with whom I will share my life. Our relationship should be based on love and trust, understanding and warmth. I hope that here I will meet…

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Journalist
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Alina from Ukraine 30 y.o.
I want to believe only in better. I trust my fate and wait only happiness. I’m cheerful and very positive Ukrainian girl, full of energy person. Have a lot of friends and always in the center of company. I constantly improve myself and read much. I think that inner world of woman should be reflected in her appearance.

Age: 30 y/o
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Anna from Ukraine 32 y.o.
Age: 32 y/o | Job: Business
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Kcyusha from Ukraine 30 y.o.
I am independent, self made Ukrainian woman. I like home life and keeping my home nice. I like doing things with my mate. The most important concept is romance and the burning desire to be with my love. Through the day to think of him, to fantasize about him and the love we make.

Age: 30 y/o
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Viktoriya from Ukraine 30 y.o.
There is nothing mysterious about me once you get to know me. I am friendly, hard working, sincere Ukrainian girl. Gentle and feminine. Love is my driving force. In loving relationship I will be satisfied with smallest signs of affection and respect. The most important to me is trust, but trust is something to be earned.

Age: 30 y/o | Job: Journalist
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Anastasia from Ukraine 32 y.o.
Age: 32 y/o | Job: Student
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Natasha from Ukraine 31 y.o.
I think I am easy to get along with Ukrainian girl and I love taking care of my closest people. I’m enthusiastic and full of energy, sensitive and loyal, compassionate and devoted, but also charming, soft and feminine. I am very open to new ideas!! I like to get new knowledge, especially of the history of countries, travel, research and so on.

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Politics
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Olya from Ukraine 33 y.o.
I'm a intelligent Ukrainian girl,cheerful,generous person,who owns the quality of kindness,consideration and a positive attitude towards life,romantic and passionate and lot lot more.

Age: 33 y/o
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Alina from Ukraine 33 y.o.
I am very active Ukrainian woman and like getting things done and accomplished. I am easy going and fun to be around as I have a sense of humor and can tease some. I am very much a family oriented person as I have a very loving family.

Age: 33 y/o | Job: Physician
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Aleksandra from Ukraine 29 y.o.
Age: 29 y/o | Job: Student
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Tanyusha from Ukraine 29 y.o.
Age: 29 y/o | Job: Finance/Accounting
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Tanya from Ukraine 30 y.o.
am single, easy-going, gentle Ukrainian woman. I am simple-hearted, unpretentious and generous, neither selfish nor snobbish. I don't have bad habits. I prefer to lead a healthy life. I am romantic, sensitive lady and need somebody to take care of me. I really hope to find you here, my special man!

Age: 30 y/o | Job: Student