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Single women Krasnodar, Russia

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Natali from Russia 32 y.o.
Age: 32 y/o | Job: Hairdresser
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Alena from Russia 30 y.o.
I am a very caring Russian girl and totally respectful to man. I consider myself a romantic and can be quite the charmer for the right man!! I am a well-balanced and down-to earth kind of person. I am very optimistic and positive and I often try to 'infect' my environment with my positive attitude.

Age: 30 y/o
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Ira from Russia 32 y.o.
I am intelligent, sociable Russian girl with a good sense of humor, but at the same time I have a strong character. I always find a way out of various difficult situations, I believe that the way out is always there, you just think about all the good. I like always to learn something new, I do not like to dwell on one, I like to set new goals and a…

Age: 32 y/o | Job: Advertising/Marketing
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Kristina from Russia 31 y.o.
I am a romantic Russian woman but that does not mean that I like reading tearing novels and boring soap-operas. I just want my life to be interesting and exciting. I like optimistic people who smiles even when something is going wrong. That is what I am always trying to be. I like to travel and I want my soul mate to share my hobby. Also I like to…

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Other
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Tina from Russia 31 y.o.
Age: 31 y/o | Job: Journalist
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Viktoriya from Russia 32 y.o.
I am active, patient and purposeful Russian woman who is not used to wait for wonder. I try to make wonders myself and find positive sides in every event or situation. Family values is on the first place in the list of priorities. To have strong happy family - nothing could compare with this feeling. Do you agree with me?

Age: 32 y/o
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Valechka from Russia 31 y.o.
I am pretty and easy-going Russian woman. I have a great sense of humor and happy person most of the time. I am very good at getting people to laugh. I am completely truthful. I don't lie and don't exaggerate. I like learning new things. I believe it will open up new paths for me.

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Student
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Diana from Russia 32 y.o.
I play as hard as I work, seeking to live life to the fullest, but with honesty, honor, respect, care, and loyalty. That means I am very active, very athletic, and very inquisitive, and I do things like travel and try to enjoy the finer things in life. I do not say this to be boastful or arrogant, but I think that is what most people want to do - l…

Age: 32 y/o
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Dasha from Russia 30 y.o.
I try to be a good person and not waste what I have been given in life. I would say that I am more introverted than extroverted but I have a good sense of humor with good friends. It's best to get to know me without too many preconceptions. I can say that I am interested in having a family.

Age: 30 y/o
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Olka from Russia 32 y.o.
I am a happy Russian woman and like to stay that way just with the right man. I like making things and keeping busy but like to take time to relax as well after the many projects I seem to get involved in. I am more of the quiet home person than party type.

Age: 32 y/o | Job: Student
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Anyuta from Russia 32 y.o.
I'm kind and mature Russian woman, so I'm here and I really need love and serious man near me. I like honesty, because it's good for life, I don't like lie, and if you want lie to me, you should go away! In general, I'm calm woman, but when do you know me better, I will show you real life.

Age: 32 y/o
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Ksyusha from Russia 32 y.o.
I am an energetic Russian girl and very serious in my search. I adore culture, art, live music, dancing and cooking. I have great sense of adventure and well settled describe my life well. I need to love and to be loved.

Age: 32 y/o | Job: Lawyer
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Marina from Russia 31 y.o.
I feel that both physical attraction and chemistry are important factors in establishing a meaningful relationship. The first step is through written communication and then a face-to-face meeting to see if we are mutually attracted to one another. Do you agree with me?

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Advertising/Marketing
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Yuliya from Russia 32 y.o.
I love life. I believe that you need to appreciate every day you live. I really appreciate kindness and sincerity in people. I hate lies, so I try to be as sincere as possible. Family is the most important thing for me in life.My day always starts with a smile ends with a smile too. Enjoying each day is my life style.

Age: 32 y/o | Job: Teacher/Professor
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Mila from Russia 30 y.o.
I am communicative and very positive Russian girl, life is for going forward and not back and I wish to experience everything that is interesting to me. I wish to travel, to see the world, I wish to learn more about the cultures. I dream to do it with the man of my heart if it is possible as nothing will make me as happy as sharing such things with…

Age: 30 y/o | Job: Teacher/Professor
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Violetta from Russia 31 y.o.
Age: 31 y/o | Job: Finance/Accounting
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Nadya from Russia 30 y.o.
I consider myself to ea a kind caring person with a great sense of humor and a awesome personality. I am a hard working Russian woman. I am driven by the things in my life that challenge me. I think it's important to have fun. I like a good sense of humor.

Age: 30 y/o | Job: Finance/Accounting
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Izyaschnaya from Russia 31 y.o.
I'm very intelligent, creative Russian girl with good sense of humor. I am romantic, kind, and supportive. I will be an open book for you, if you opens your soul to me. I think communication is very important in any relationships. Do you agree with me?

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Student
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Olya from Russia 29 y.o.
Age: 29 y/o | Job: Other
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Darya from Russia 31 y.o.
I am not here to have an online relationship, I want to find my future, my destiny, my everything and become a real couple! If this is what you want as well, then please contact me. Our future together awaits!!! I want to find my true love! My happiness!

Age: 31 y/o | Job: Other