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Prevent regular problems of adaptation and homesickness

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Changes are always harmful. It is very pity when you are losing even fifty cents but if you have to leave your motherland it will wipe down a soul out of you. That is why it is the most important period in her life and she needs the man nearby the most. It is the same for all the people because even these who want to move out from Ukraine desperately will miss it sooner or later. There are a lot of memories connected with it so it is never easy to get accustomed to the new state. How to minimize the damage for her mental health after the moving to the new country and how to deal with her adaptation problems?

First of all it is important to understand that these problems sooner or later will emerge. She might keep on doing well but still somewhere deep inside of her there will be a rising pain about the lost ties with motherland. That is why it is important to show her that the boundaries between the countries are only in people’s minds. Her boyfriend has to show his beloved girl that there are a lot of similarities between people of Ukraine and Western world. Thus she will see them not as foreigners but as a part of her universe. For this occasion you have to try to point out the events that happen in both countries. It might be the celebration of the New Year or Christmas. People are happy about that in both states so she will see that all the differences are fading when it concerns the joy or sorrow.

It is not the secret that busy people have less time to think about their problems. That is why a hobby or studying might help her to forget what she is missing. It might be sports or even language courses. The latter option is even better because it is much easier to understand another culture trough the language of its own. One more plus of it is that she might find new friends there who also have some problems with adaptation. They will share their troubles with each other and will try to overcome it together in the same way as the people in clubs of anonymous alcoholic does or whatever.

Moreover friends are the best cure from all the problems because for the girl from Ukraine there is no one more important than her true bud. She shares all the problems with her husband of course but only the other girl might understand her completely. That is why it is a great idea to take one of her friends or relatives with her for the first couple of weeks because together they will be adapting much faster. Of course the husband plays even the bigger part in that process but unfortunately he does not have always time for it because of job or something.

On the other hand if you have some time to spend with her or if you have an option to take a vacation for couple of weeks then you have to do it because she needs the human touch the most at the beginning of the adaptation process. She will always demand the attention from her boyfriend but she will be ready to survive without it later not now. So you have to show her a new city, tell her about the habits and traditions of it because she wants to become a part of it as fast as it is possible and there is no one better for this then her boyfriend who has lived there before.

Adaptation and homesickness might be overcome only together because the girl on her own is a defenseless creature which would be eaten in the unknown conditions fast. You might bring her friends and relatives to her to help her or you might be together with her all the period of adaptation. If there is no opportunity for it then it is better to find a hobby for her because the occupied person has no time for sorrow feelings so the adaptation process will be over without any harm

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