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Online Dating Tips for Men

Online Dating Tips for Men

Online dating is very different from offline dating, but it’s also very similar. When you approach single women in a bar, it’s actually not that different from the things you need to bear in mind when approaching single women online. The main difference lies in the form of communication - it’s happening through writing.

Below you will find some pointers for how to best approach women online.

- remember to read her profile before you do anything as you will want to mention something about it in your message, to show you cared enough to read it

- avoid starting by sending a wink - women prefer to receive a proper message and the stats show that they are much more likely to respond that way

- keep messages short, fun and light

- never ever say anything about online dating being awkward - own the decisions you make, including using an online dating site, or app

- be honest, as no one likes to be fooled

- don’t come on too strong - women love flirting and compliments, but start slow and build it up as it’s a lot more genuine and also it prevents the women from thinking you’ll flirt with anyone

- avoid overtly sexual comments to start off with

- ask interesting questions in messages; apart from the standard “how was your day,” include fun and quirky questions to create conversations worth having!

Dating Tips for Men

Those pointers should get you well on the way to online flirting with women!

Remember as well when you speak to someone, whether online, or offline, how you frame what you say. Sometimes we get insecure when we date - it would be strange if we all thought ourselves studs, but funnily enough we have to learn to do so. It’s not about bragging, it’s about presenting yourself in a favorable light.

If you look upon yourself as someone who is dating a person “out of your league” that’s how the other person will see you. Or seeing yourself as not quite successful enough, or not quite…whatever enough.

Truth be told, most of us, probably everyone, face obstacles in life that we are sometimes unprepared for, or simply can’t handle. That’s OK. It doesn’t make you a loser. What’s not OK is to lie and pretend it never happened, or feel so bad about ourselves we lose confidence. When you present yourself to a woman, talk about yourself in the light of a hero in a tale. There were obstacles. You made mistakes. You learned. You became more humble. You’ve come to terms with who you are. You strive to do your best.

In short, perspective is everything - share your life from the perspective of a hero. Confidence and humility combined is very attractive.

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