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Is it true that they are very family oriented women, whose only desire is to serve their husbands and children?

Is it true that they are very family oriented women, whose only desire is to serve their husbands and children?

Speaking about family values of Ukrainian girls and women it is always mentioned that these ladies are typically family oriented. To some extend it is quite so and there are some certain reasons for that. In fact this particular trait is one of the reasons why women from Ukraine are considered to be the best wives and housekeepers then all the rest from all over the world.

The idea that marriage is an essential point for a girl has historical roots. It is not a secret that Ukraine is not that innovative and well developed when it comes to breaking the stereotypes and living a democratic way of life. That’s why many women here are used to the fact that they were born for the sole purpose of becoming a wife and taking care of the household. In fact it was quite common in the past when girls and women didn’t have a usual job, because their permanent occupation was keeping the house and raising children. Some of these traditions and ways of thinking are still taught in many Ukrainian families and form women’s minds in a certain way.

Mothers use to tell their daughters that they were born for the sole purpose of giving birth to a child and that’s what these ladies from Ukraine believe into. Women are responsible for the continuation of the family line. It might be surprising to many people from the western countries because they do differ in this very way of thinking. So, if you are searching for a calm and family oriented wife, you are on the right way of doing it.

One more reason that actually goes again to the history is the gender roles which are rather basic and usual when it comes to the Slavic countries. Men are considered to be bread-winners while women are supposed to make sure that men have all the resources in order to actually win the bread. Translating all this to the modern language: a man makes money and provides his woman with all the foods and clothes, while a woman returns her favor by providing the food, good living conditions and love and care.

However one should definitely keep in mind that although Ukraine might not be that open-minded as the USA or Europe, but still the times are changing and what was considered right some centuries ago might still apply, but have a slightly different coloring. There are plenty of emancipated women who are eager to switch the gender roles and become the money maker for a change and go to work. So all these views should be spoken out loud on the point of relenting and making bridges at the initial stages of your dating.

The very best piece of advice on this topic is not to push, because being too dominant will make you no good either. The best way to treat a woman and make her do something that you want is to make her think that it is her own decision. That’s why you need do define the boundaries of what both of you want and do not limit each other, especially when it comes to marriage and family life. No girl in the whole world will gladly except your overusing manner, even if she wasn’t brought up by the traditional family oriented parent and relatives.

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