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How to Propose to Ukrainian Woman? The Best Brides for marriage from Ukraine

Ukrainian Woman

Will you marry me? - these are the special words that change the life of two lovers forever. In the life of every man the moment comes, when he meets the best girl and wants to tie his life with her. Very often the man tries to make a proposal in a special way, to charm the lady he likes. A classic date in a restaurant with champagne and the ring is a long-outdated option that people use far beyond 30, who have little time to come up with something enchanting.

Nowadays, all Ukrainian brides for marriage are smart and well-off and the man needs to sweat and think hard in order to hear “YES”. At our website fiancees-ua.com we are ready to help you and consider a few interesting options for the offer.

How to propose to the girl?

Option number 1. This option is suitable for men who honor traditions. The man should ask for permission in girl’s parents. For this, it is worth to order or to cook a delicious dinner, beautifully decorate the table and invite the parents of the girl for supper. By the way, if you do not get along well with her parents, then you can make proposal without them.

Option number 2. A great way is to make an offer in a restaurant. The main thing is to choose the right place, not the one in which people just eat, but a truly romantic restaurant with its special and unforgettable atmosphere and energy. Order a table better in a secluded corner, so that no one disturbs you.

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Option number 3. Proposal in the morning bed. You need to wake up early and not wake up the beloved woman. First of all you should cook aromatic coffee, put on the tray of cookies, sweets and all sorts of goodies and, of course, a box with a ring. Hide bouquet of the girl's favorite flowers under the bed, put the tray on the bed, gently wake up your woman and say the main words, taking out the bouquet.

Option number 4. You can also get up before a girl, leave a ring with a letter and a rose on her pillow and go to take a bath, at the end of the letter, write a proposal to join. Be sure the girl will come to you with a happy smile.

Option number 5. Make an offer with a cake. You can ask for help of confectioners, and order a beautiful and tasty cake with the inscription: "Will you marry me?"

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Option number 6. Make an unusual proposal in the car. For this you need to  order a limousine, champagne and flowers and invite the girl for the small ride. Then – go for a drive on beautiful places, have a rest and don’t show that that something special will happen. And at the most unexpected moment, just make a proposal.

Option number 7. Even a banal shopping trip, can help make an offer. Every man knows what things the girl want to buy, so buy her a dress, let the girl rejoice in the new thing, and when you go home together, put the ring in the box with the dress. When you arrive home, the girl immediately will run to put on a dress, when she opens the box, she will understand everything.

Option number 8. For its implementation, you will need phosphoric wallpaper, cut out letters with a proposal and paste them on the ceiling. It is necessary to pick up wallpaper by color, so that there is no noticeable difference. When she turns off the light in the evening, everything will happen.

Option number 9. If a girl lives in a multi-storey building, the staircase and balloons pumped with helium can help you. It’s better to buy balloons in the form of the heart them write on them the words of proposal (one letter on each balloon) and tie them, so that the inscription is clearly visible.

Option number 10.  You can decorate the room of the girl with balloons, flowers and other ornaments. Light candles, put a large teddy bear in the center of the room and put a box with a ring in its paws. And even instead of a bear cub you can lie yourself, wait for your beloved and give her a ring.

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