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Does a long distance relationship really work with a Russian woman?

Does a long distance relationship really work with a Russian woman?

Many people while starting to date online are somehow scared of the part where the two people have to be separated due to personal or work reasons for some period of time. There are plenty of single Ukrainian girls who are sure that long distant relationships will never work out. However, this is all in the hands of the man to make the long distance disappear and strengthen relationships with you future bride more than ever.

Of course, couples usually promise to visit each other as soon as possible and in many cases this is the best cure from long distance depression. Many already married couples also recommend to create a certain ritual upon your every visit so that it is not only the date that unites but also a certain place and even tradition that you will be laughing at after many-many years of happy marriage. But what many men and women fear most is the days of loneliness when you cannot visit each other and are apart for the most solitary period of your life. In that case there are plenty of tips that will help you and your Ukrainian girl survive the distance.

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To start with, nowadays there are lots of gadgets that you do have to use to your benefit. The charming world of internet provides you with various opportunities and you should use them to your advantage. Skype each other every possible time, this will give you a feeling that your bride is still around and not some miles away. One more thing is to do the usual things that you do together. This can be cooking, watching favorite movies or serials and while doing this make sure that you are connected via this very Skype or phone. Your woman from Ukraine can give you the directions how to cook traditional Ukrainian meal, thus, you will definitely spent some time with her and learn something about your bride’s culture.

One more advantage of the internet that you should definitely use is online games. The fact that girls and women in Ukraine don’t like playing computer games is surprisingly wrong. So doing this together will most likely help your survive you not-together time. Besides, after you two are reunited you could play you favorite game and she won’t be against because that will remind her of you time together, so, one more problem will be solved in that way.

Another possible thing to trick your mind into believing that there is no distance at all is to sleep together. And yes, it is possible, thanks again to the internet and Skype. The idea is as follows: when you go to sleep call your bride from Ukraine and go to bed, lie down on your half of the bed and put your gadget on the other, so that when you see her it feels like she is actually lying on the other side of the bed with you. Of course this is not the real sleeping together thing, but at least it is something close to your usual routine. By the way, many single girls and women from Ukraine find this gesture very romantic and appealing.

Some other trick that you can also use while your girlfriend is away is to leave some certain thing that will remind her of you and vice versa. This can be her pillow or the toy that you gave your bride, so that by touching it you can feel that she is very close to you. The same thing goes to the smell. It is proven than what we remember the most is the smell, so try to live the scent of your perfume or she can leave hers, so that every inch of it will remind you of your sweet bride from Ukraine.

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