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Discover why you must avoid certain words and subjects when you talk with a Russian woman in her country

Discover why you must avoid certain words and subjects when you talk with a Russian woman in her country

Every man at least ones in his life been in a situation when he is talking to a pretty single girl and suddenly the conversation from funny and sexy goes down to dry and very boring. If you are chatting with a girl from Ukraine and are afraid of getting into such kind of situation, here are five certain topics that you should avoid while dating girl or woman from Ukraine.

The first is politics. You can hardly find any girl who actually enjoys discussing some new amendment or news about liberal party. It doesn’t mean that she is not aware of that, there are certain types of girls who are smart enough and do care about the political situation in the world, but discussing it with your date is a suicide. Especially when it comes to the current situation in Ukraine, if you really want to talk about it join some political-fans group, but don’t bring it up when you want the conversation with your girl to go smoothly and fine.

The second doomed topic is religion. It is hard to find somebody who would be turned on after discussing this thing. If you are very religious person and are interested in your bride’s from Ukraine views on that, you can certainly ask her about that. But that’s all, do not dwell further on upon this very topic. She might get a little bit awkward when it comes to talking about religion, because it is sacred and you need a certain trust in order to discuss in openly, so take your time and don’t push unless you want her to join some sect or something like that.

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The third thing to avoid talking about is past relations. First of all, you really don’t want to know about her past boyfriends on the first date, this will not only make the atmosphere dry, but also will make you feel awkward and you definitely don’t want to do that. Besides, usually ladies from Ukraine try not to mention their past relations, not because they are hiding something or because they don’t want recollect the whole thing. The reason for that is that is that she is focused on the present and future situation with you and definitely doesn’t need to bring on some baggage from her past. Respect that and move on.

The fourth thing is day job. Yes, she is happy for you that you are some intern in a big firm, but that’s it. Do not dwell upon you specific types of workplace or thing you do. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t respect what you are doing, but the reason why you two are on a date is because you want to spend some time with each other and not with your work. So, unless you are some traveling journalist for the extreme version of National Geographic, don’t talk a lot about your job, that will do you no good.

Finally, the fifth thing is the weather. This is the most clichéd and boring topic in the whole world. Never even on earth use that in order to fill the silent moment. Ukrainian girls and women do not want to date some sort of meteorologist (only if you actually do this for a living), because it clearly means that you ran out of topics and have no idea how to go on. In that case she starts to feel that your date is getting awkward and most likely she is already thinking about how to run away from you as far as possible.

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