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Beauty and loneliness is a life paradox of Ukrainian girls

paradox of Ukrainian girls

There is nothing new about the reality being reduced to elementary market relationships and that even in human relations the main goods is beauty. What else it can be? The age-long slave admiration of feminine attractiveness made it a permanent constituent of success as well as happy life.
A beautiful Ukrainian woman always attracts attention and never stays unnoticed. She evokes admired looks and light envy, but, despite constant attention of men she is often lonely and unhappy. Quite often to a question ‘Why are in Ukraine so many beautiful and lonely girls?’ one can hear an answer that Ukrainian men are just afraid of beautiful women.

A fear of a beautiful woman is accepted by the world’s psychology and has its own name. One of the main reasons of this fear is absence of being sure in oneself to the full of men. The majority of men think that they aren’t good enough for such a beauty and try to disappear as soon as possible in order not to suffer. In addition, every second man is sure that she is already in love. It’s quite hard for them to imagine that a beautiful girl can spend her time in loneliness. Well, despite laws of nature beauty of Ukrainian women becomes a factor not attracting but scaring off…

Besides, quite often Ukrainian men think that a beautiful woman can fall in love only with a rich man. Well, the majority of men in Ukraine aren’t rich, and they even don’t try to conquer the top that is unreachable for them. The reason of such an improper attitude to beautiful girls is a usual men’s way of thinking. They are sure deeply that the more a woman is beautiful the higher should be a financial status of a man who wishes to build a relationship with her. Despite such a biased attitude Ukrainian men are somewhat right. For marriage and serious relationships brides from Ukraine prefer men from the USA and Europe.

Another reason that evokes a fear of close communication with a beautiful ukraine woman is a men’s sureness that such women are used to accepting everything what they want from life from their very childhood. And not every Ukrainian man can tell for sure that he is ready to satisfy such high demands. In this paradoxical situation a maximum profit is got by foreign men who come to Ukraine in search of a bride.
Using a possibility to find a life partner maximally close to a model of an ideal wife, they get beauty and femininity as a bonus.

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